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TBC Scholarship Ministry Golf Tournament 

Thank you for joining us and other community members in support of our Annual Golf Tournament on September 9, 2023 at Carolina Springs, located in Fountain Inn, SC.  This will be the first year to raise money for a note worthy cause to sponsor and expose young people to the game and life lessons of golf.  Our goal is to reach young people about the fundamentals of the game, which includes basic golf skills and techniques.  At the same time, these youngsters will be exposed to key individual attributes such as integrity, sportsmanship, courtesy, and etiquette.  These lessons of character are only central to golf, but can be used in daily life.  Your support of our Annual Golf Tournament will help to mentor young people in positive ways.

What do you or your organization get out of participating in our Tournament? The answer varies from one individual or organization to the next, but the most compelling reward is the tremendous impact his program has on the lives of our children.

The TBC Scholarship Ministry is a non-profit 501(c) organization that provides support to our college students. Our mission shall promote academic excellence and provide financial support and opportunities for higher education for the traditional student.

Please make checks, money orders, and cashier’s checks payable to Tabernacle Baptist Church (Scholarship Ministry - Golf Tournament).

Thank you for your consideration and support!

Tabernacle Baptist Church Scholarship Ministry

Need a copy of the 2023 TBC Golf Tournament Form or Notification For Solicitation? No worries we’ve got you covered.  Click the button below to download a copy!