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1867 - 1908

Tabernacle Baptist Church had its beginning in the Springfield Baptist Church on East McBee Avenue.  Springfield, our Mother Church, was organized in the basement of the First Baptist Church on West McBee Avenue in 1867. The Springfield Church building was completed in 1872.  Rev.  Fred Brown was its second pastor.  His pastorate was short and stormy. A dispute arose among the members.  Rev. Brown led those dissatisfied ones away from Springfield and organized Mt. Zion Baptist Church.  The exact date for establishing this church is not known. However, the nearest possible time is 1872, or shortly thereafter.

 Mt. Zion Church was located on South Hudson Street on the site occupied by the Industrial Coatings, Inc. Company. Reverend Brown's pastorate was filled with conflicts with his parishioners. Consequently, a cleavage occurred between the pastor and this flock. He was asked to resign but refused and the Church was locked against him. It is said that Rev. Brown stood on the church steps the following Sunday morning and preached and in the midst of the message he cried out that "a church will never stand on this spot of ground." The oracle came true as three churches had occupied this location and each was eventually burned to the ground.

Reverend J.A. Pinson, the next pastor, was a man of great spiritual stands and possessed an outgoing personality. He served until 1908 and resigned. During his tenure of service, peace and prosperity seemingly dwelt among the church membership. His wife was a charming woman and also a talented musician.

Mt. Zion was a beautiful, imposing edifice and richly decorated within. The expensive aisle carpeting, handsome carved pews, and the pipe organ were cherished by the worshipers. The choir boasted of the excellent voices of Mrs. Sallie Godlock and Mrs. Victoria Brown Avery. The deep bass voice of Jiles Manning will ever be remembered. "There's No One Can Do Me Like Jesus “and “Glory Hallelujah" were his favorite songs.