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1925 - 1962

In April, 1925, Rev. W.J. Davis, a young, energetic man with many new ideas for improving the church programs, accepted the pastorate of Tabernacle. He was a forceful speaker and crowds flocked to hear him. Being thwarted in his efforts to rebuild the edifice that had stood since 1913, he resigned in 1926, taking some of the most influential members with him.

Rev. W.M. Watson, who was one of the foremost ministers and church builders in the state, was called to pastor the church in June, 1926. He was conscientious, influential and had a kind and understanding attitude toward the people. His sermons appealed to the people and the church membership grew. Under his leadership the church was rebuilt.
Rev. Watson served faithfully until his passing on the third Sunday of March in 1962. He was stricken suddenly and died within a few hours. Rev. Watson's beloved wife, whom he affectionately called Ethel, worked dutifully along with him. It was she who took leading roles in raising funds for the building of the new church. Laura Ellen, their only child, is now Mrs. Bell of Charlotte, N.C. where she was a teacher. An accomplished musician, she served as organist for the church.

The late pastor's devoted sisters, Miss Marie Watson and Mrs. Annie Bell Curry proved their worth in every respect as members of his family and as faithful members of this church.

For fourteen months the church was under the direction of Rev. K.E. White, whom the church chose as acting pastor. He served in various capacities since 1924, and during the later years of Rev. Watson's tenure, Rev. White performed all of the baptismal ceremonies. He was ordained in 1961.

During this interim many ministers preached for us, but the general feeling prevailed that the church needed a shepherd. On Father's Day in 1962, Rev. E.D. Dixon of Mullins, S.C. was the speaker. His message was profound and lifted the people's hearts and minds to spiritual heights. His visit was impressive and the members chose him for their leader. The call was extended and Rev. Dixon accepted.