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 Position Status: Part-Time
 Position Summary: Responsible for selecting and teaching music for worship.
Play for worship service and outside engagements. Work under the direction
of the Minister of Music.
• Minimum 2 years’ experience as a Church Musician.
• Degree in Music – Preferred.
Job Skills and Requirements:
• Must be proficient in all types of Church music.
• Strong organizational and planning skills.
• Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication ability with strong emphasis on listening and problem solving.
• Must be able to sight read music and play by ear.
• Must submit to background investigation and pre-employment drug screening.
• Willingness to explore different forms of music for use in worship service.
• Flexibility to work with all age groups and other musicians.
• Ability to work cooperatively within the church staff as well as with members of other ministries and committees to meet goals.
• Timely attendance during stated or negotiated hours.
• Assumes responsibility for their assigned choirs.
• Meets regularly with Church Music Ministry to coordinate worship services.
• In consultation with the Minister of Music plans, selects and programs music for regular and special worship services.
• Seeks to select and use music which brings glory to GOD and spirituality and ministers to the congregation.
• Works with other musicians as required.
• Identifies, recruits, and trains gifted individuals and encourages those persons as they become involved in the music ministry.
• Develops and leads assigned choirs in conducting their rehearsal and performances as needed.
• Assists the Minister of Music in preparing the annual budget.
• Assists the Minister of Music in the care, maintenance and inventory of all music and equipment.
• Arrive 30 minutes prior to any worship service to assure proper set-up, sound check and staff attendance and coordinate with Media Ministry as needed.
• Perform other musician duties as required.