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Church History

God is in the facts of history as truly as He is the March of the seasons,
the revolutions of the planets, or the World of the Architecture.

                                                   J.  Lanashan
The history of the Tabernacle Baptist Church is rooted deeply in the past. As this account unfolds, we note with grateful hearts the many contributions of the living and the dead to the building and growth of our church. We are deeply indebted to all.

The various activities of the church were not in print. Pastor E.D. Dixon appointed the task of writing the church history to the following committee: Mrs. Ruth Freeman, Mrs. Annie Ratliff, and Mr. Julius Kilgore. Mrs. Freeman and Mr. Kilgore were unable to serve. Consequently, Mrs. Ratliff assumed the role of writer.

Dr. W.M. Watson, in 1959, initiated the first effort of recording the history of the church. This effort was aborted when the manuscript was destroyed by fire in Mrs. Ratliff’s home.

In the early years of the church, records were not kept or available. The committee had to rely upon verbal reports, borrowed data, and Mrs. Ratliff’s reminiscences of church affairs.

The committee acknowledged their thanks to Mrs. D.C. Butler and Mrs. J.C. Thomas for the use of Springfield Baptist Church’s Brochure of the Eighty-seventh Anniversary. From this bulletin, several accurate dates were obtained. Also, the committee expressed their thanks and appreciation to all who aided them. Hence, the following historical account of the Tabernacle Baptist Church was submitted.